Our Story

Pupcakes n’ Purr-fections all started from a passion for animals. Jen, the proud owner, has cared for and provided for pupcakes-n-purrfections-our-story-about-usmany animals over the years. After becoming a certified veterinary technician, she held positions at numerous pet hospitals. As time went on, physical ailments that arose made it more difficult to endure the stress on the body that working in this field can have on a tech. Yes we go through a lot behind the scenes! in order to continue her passion for animals, she needed something that allowed her to be able to incorporate her years of knowledge as well as compassion and love for animals. After many surgeries and years of physical therapy, she was able to start working on her dream. Pupcakes n’ Purr-fections was then made into a reality.

The concept of this new journey began in June of 2015. Tina, also a part of the team, shares the same passion and dedication felt needed to have a successful start.  Tina is a friend, former co-worker, certified vet tech, and a pet nutrition specialist.

It was then decided that the name pupcakes n’ purr-fections would best illustrate our desire to provide healthy pet treats to dogs, cats, and eventually horses as well. Some treats, however, are not limited to cats and dogs alone; birds, rats, and other small pets can enjoy some of our recipes also. Starting in March of 2016, months were spent perfecting the recipes to best meet the standards of flavor, quality and nutrition we feel our furry friends desire and require. Our treat recipes are proprietary. Next on the list: the website! anyone who has built a website with an online store knows it takes time. We officially went live July 25, 2016 and we are very proud to introduce you to www.pupcakesnpurrfections.com!

We feel your pets and ours deserve only the very best pet treats. All of our team members (Jen-owner, and Tina) are currently raising several pets of their own and combined have expertise in the following pet related disciplines:

  • Certified vet technicians
  • Certified pet nutritionist

Pupcakes n’ purr-fections treats are made in small batches with love. Our team bakes fresh daily and we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Please allow 2 – 3 days for us to bake fresh if needed to fill your order. If longer we will notify you. All treats are 100% natural gluten-free, with many grain-free options. We use only the healthiest ingredients to ensure your pets are happy inside and out. We have created proprietary blends of flours for our treats that complement the flavors. Please reference the our ingredients page for more information. If your pet has special dietary requirements please feel free to contact us.

We do not use gluten, wheat, corn, soy, preservatives, fillers or gmo’s (genetically modified organisms) in any of our treats.